Hi friend! 

If you know me in real life, you might not recognize me in the picture above-- what with no sticky handprints on my shirt or undereye circles (I edited those out). It's still me, though (*see Hagrid hair). And just out of frame are my boys, waiting to bury me in a mountain of pillows and sticky kisses--even though I was almost positive we were past jam-hands phase. Ah, motherhood. 

If you don't know me, hi! I'm Ashley. I live a little south of Atlanta with my super cute hubs and our two very high-energy, very lovable little boys. They're five and six, and they are best friends. I mean, mostly. They're best friends with an asterisk. They're best friends who could also double as cage fighters at any given moment. Where my boy moms at? 

I LOVE what I get to do! I love being a wife, a mom, and a photographer.

I love getting to meet you and your loved ones and to capture all the love and joy that exists between y'all.

I love having rambunctious little boogers of my own, so I understand the effort that goes into getting everyone into clean, coordinated outfits and stressing about how they'll behave for an hour while a stranger points a camera at them. 

I love getting to run around with your family and ask silly questions to get perfect tiny giggles from your babies. 

I love asking questions to you and your main squeeze to get the perfect, heartwarming, snuggly moment. (PS, if you're not into snuggly PDA, I apologize in advance. 'Cuz it's gonna get snuggly.)  

But most of all, I love when you allow me to capture a split second in the life of your family--a split second you can never relive but can look back on weeks, months, years later and think, "Look how far we've come;" "Look how much the children have grown;" "We were all just babies then."

Ah! I love it all! 

Love, love, love,