Hi friend! 

If you know me in real life, you might not recognize me in the picture above-- what with no sticky handprints on my shirt or undereye circles (I edited those out). It's still me, though (*see wrinkled shirt). And just out of frame are my boys, waiting to throw wet sand on my clean, white shirt. Ah, motherhood. 

If you don't know me, hi! I'm Ashley. I live a little south of Savannah with my super cute hubs and our two very high-energy, very lovable little boys. They're two and four. Maybe someday they'll let me sleep (*see edited undereye circles). 

I LOVE what I get to do! I love being a wife, a mom, and a photographer.

I love getting to meet you and your loved ones and to capture all the love and joy that exists between y'all.

I love having rambunctious little boogers of my own, so I understand the effort that goes into getting everyone into clean, coordinated outfits and stressing about how they'll behave for an hour while a stranger points a camera at them. (Fun story-- we had family photos taken on vacation this past fall, and after two minutes of shooting, my then three-year-old dove headfirst into a briar patch. His face was all scratched up, he had a million burrs in his sweater, and he pouted for the rest of the session. So if anyone understands the stress of a family shoot with tiny humans, I do. Big time.) 

I love getting to run around with your family and ask silly questions to get perfect tiny giggles from your babies. 

I love asking questions to you and your main squeeze to get the perfect, heartwarming, snuggly moment. (PS, if you're not into snuggly PDA, I apologize in advance. 'Cuz it's gonna get snuggly.)  

I love living in such a beautiful place-- moss-draped trees, the beach at sunset, gorgeous historic squares, golden marshes, deep blue skies. I mean, shut up.

But most of all, I love when you allow me to capture a split second in the life of your family--a split second you can never relive but can look back on weeks, months, years later and think, "Look how far we've come;" "Look how much the children have grown;" "We were all just babies then."

Ah! I love it all! 

Love, love, love,